The 8 bedrooms of the farm holiday Cascina Belvedere are spacious, bright, elegant and have a lovely panoramic view of the Morainic Hills, of the Tower of San Martino of the Battle, of the Fort of Solferino and, in the distance, of Lake Garda and of the Alps.

They are equipped with a double bed (separable into two single beds), TV, WiFi, strong-box, wardrobe, desk with chair and mirror, clothes-peg and rest suitcases.

Private bathroom with toilet case and hair dryer.

Beds can be added.


The mulberry tree is a symbol of wisdom, associated with the goddess Athena. According to Pliny The Elder, in winter the mulberry hasn't flower bud, but in the springtime the mulberry blooms very quickly; therefore, the tree is prudent and patient.

The sweetness of mulberry will gladden your stay.

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The Acacia is a generous tree. It grows everywhere on the slopes and it stabilizes them. It has a bright green foliage and a twisted trunk with deep grooves that look like wounds. Maybe it isn't a fine tree, but in springtime it stuffs itself with bunches of white and very sweet flowers. And the honey that bees take from its flowers is very sweet.

The white colour of the acacia's flowers will give you determination and purity of spirit.

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The wheat tree symbolizes the cycle of rebirth. This cereal, before coming up in springtime, is buried under the land, this means the passage of the soul from the shadow to the light. The wheat is also the symbol of fertility.

The colours of this bedroom will give you happiness and peace.

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The alfalfa is cultivated like fodder for animals. It has therapeutic properties and it is a good tonic remedy. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, therefore, it is a good remedy to avoid intestinal diseases. The alfalfa has also properties that whet the appetite.

The violet colour of this bedroom will give you strength and vitality.

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The sunflower, thanks to its big inflorescence, that seems to smile, and its bright yellow colour like a “little sun”, is considered bearer of happiness and cheerfulness.

The yellow colour of this bedroom will give you heat and energy.

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Since ancient times, the olive tree is considered the symbol of spirituality, holiness, fertility, rebirth and resistance to the ravages of time and wars. It's also symbol of peace and value. The olive tree is represented in mythology and in religion like an element of strength and purification.

The green colour of this bedroom will give you relaxation and carefree.

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The grapes is symbol of fertility and abundance, sweetness and wealth. Its bunch, with spherical grapes, remember the symbolism of the circle and of the egg for the formal perfection that alludes to the completeness, fullness and meaning of life and universe.

This fruit will make your stay heady and exciting.

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“It was said that seven grains of corn, enclosed in a piece of yellow cloth, would have wished luck and relaxation”. The ear of corn is symbol of prosperity, luck and wealth.

The yellow of this bedroom is the colour of sun and life.

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