Art, Culture and History

In Cavriana there is, at Villa Mirra, the Archaeological Museum of the High Mantuan Territory, where you may see archaeological finds of Prehistoric, Roman, Middle/Renaissance Ages and the room where Napoleon III stayed during the battle of Solferino. 
A few minutes from Cascina Belvedere you may visit the places where was fought the Second War of Independence (1859) between the Piedmontese troops of king Vittorio Emanuele II with the French troops of Napoleon III against the Austrian army of  Francis Joseph: the Tower of San Martino of the Battle and the Fort of Solferino, with their museums and ossuaries.


Wine and Food

The territory where rises Cascina Belvedere, besides having a very important historical-cultural heritage, has a patrimony of wine and food characterized in typical dishes and valuable wines.

Among the typical local dishes of the Mantuan food you find:

First courses: Risotto alla Pilota, Agnolini and Tortelli with Pumpkin.

Second courses: 

  • Fish dishes: catfish, trout, pike with sauce and the “saltarei”.
  • Meat dishes: roast beef, poultry and game, stews, overcooked and boiled, charcuteries and sausages.
  • Besides the famous Mantuan Salami, you can taste the scraps of pork fat, the “gras pistà”, the Salamis and the cotechino.
  • Among the Mantuan DOP cheeses, you can find the Parmesan cheese, the Provolone and the Mantuan Mustard. 

Sweets: San Biagio Cake, Sbrisolona Cake, Cake of Roses, Elvezia Cake and Ring of Monk.

Mantuan Wines: mantuan Lambrusco DOP (red wine) and the white wines of the Morainic Hills, wines doc “Garda” and “Garda Colli Mantovani”.